Why is it, that whenever a couple is dining out, the menu card is given to the woman and the bill to the man?

This was the third time in a row that I noticed this and couldn’t help thinking. It is assumed that the food will be of the woman’s choice and the bill will be paid by the man. Well, this does make sense if the couple is married; but if not, why can’t it be the other way around? It could be that the woman has earned her first salary and giving a treat to her man; or better still, she takes up her own responsibility and agrees to give her share of the bill because she filled her stomach too; or maybe she is so bad at ordering that she can’t help but agree to whatever the man orders; or they can together decide the order based upon their combined choices. No assumptions required, right?

The woman can be a provider and a keeper too. Why always the man? Can’t she take a stand and decide who she wants to be, a provider or a beneficiary? Doesn’t keeping both, the menu card and the bill, at the center of the table fair enough!?