get out!!

Out There

Hey guys! Long time no see. I have no reason for not writing since long. I could, but I didn’t, just that. Anyway, today’s post is about putting yourself out there.

Well, most of the time when I used to evaluate certain situations all by myself, it used to end this way “I am the only one thinking this way (any particular way), feeling this, or going through this, nobody else thinks about it this way, why am I the only one going through this and people are enjoying their lives, why me?” I mean we all have this question “why me?”.

Quite recently I have started being candid with people- telling exactly what I am feeling, what my opinions are on a specific topic, displaying my immediate reaction unbiased by the people around me- with no expectations whatsoever. By doing this I have realized, that people connected with me in a better way when I put myself out there, rather than keep in my mind. Plus, the more I shared with people, the more they were willing to open up; and while this happened, I understood that I am not the only one feeling this way, thinking this way, etc. Most of the people out there are going through the same, but they don’t display, probably assuming the same what I was assuming. The moment I decided to be out there and show exactly who I am, the more like-minded people I found, and the world just seemed better again. In the end, I wondered what was I afraid of? I concluded that there is nothing lo lose by being yourself.

So fellas, don’t keep it in your heart. Be out there, not in your mind. Losing anybody doesn’t matter as much as losing yourself does. Be true to yourself.


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