knock knock!!


A lot many times I’ve felt a voice inside me wanting to be heard, wanting me to just become silent for a moment and listen, because it is answering the question I’ve been asking. Also, a lot many times I’ve ignored it. Simply because it held no reason. And let me tell you, I’ve always, like always encountered problems by going against it. On the other hand, whenever I’ve followed it, even though how irrational it may have appeared, the situation got solved almost instantly.

I see this voice as a guiding force within me, a higher power which is guiding me through its only way of communication, me. Many call this intuition, a gut feeling, and many as their own angel. Well whatever I name it, it fulfils its purpose. It guides me, protects me, outwits me.

I have come to believe that not everything has to be rational to be believed, not everything has to be visible to be seen, and not every answer has to be out there. All I have to do is to come at peace with it and be silent within, so that I am able to listen to it and see through its eyes what I can’t see by my own.


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