Those small little things :)

For quite long a time, I had a list of things I wanted to have, do or be so as to experience happiness, true and immense happiness. Very recently, I did get one of them, and the moment I scratched it off the list I remembered something else that would make me happy. I was too quick to add that up to my list. It was then that I realised that these things are just my idea of happiness; my happiness is attached to the strings of these things and as long as I keep them attached, I won’t find happiness ever, because if one reason goes, another comes up just as quickly.

I pondered for a moment if that scratched point actually made me happy. I feel immense joy when a kid holds my hand to support him while walking, a similar feeling when my pet runs up to me when I reach home. I also get happy when I see my mother preparing the dish I wanted to eat since long and didn’t tell her. But I could compare none of these feelings with what I felt after scratching that point.

Isn’t life full of these small little things that make you smile from ear to ear? Don’t they make you feel alive all over again? I don’t need a list of things that “will” make me happy; because tomorrow is just as uncertain as certain today is. Finding happiness in this very moment is in my hands and I resolve to live it, live it


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